White Clay Detox Shampoo

with thyme and berry extract


Energizing shampoo that purifies and balances your hair and scalp, leaving it free from chemicals and air pollutants with the help of natural detoxifier white clay.

Our White Clay Detox Shampoo helps your hair to be healthy and beautiful by removing from it chemicals, air pollution and styling products residues. Its natural ingredients have a perfect blend of nourishment and purification qualities. Thyme is antiseptic and helps against dandruff and other problems of the scalp. Berry extract nourishes your hair and scalp while white clay detoxifies it. It Is a great solution for damaged and mistreated hair and scalp!

About white clay

White clay has a very long history as beauty product thanks to its many positive properties. Clay can absorb excess grease piled up on the surface of hair and scalp making it fresher and cleaner. At the same time clay removes chemical rests from hair coloring, hair gels and other styling products. In that way the hair is detoxified and cleaned of dirt and micro particles. It suites for sensitive and irritated scalp as it gently detoxifies the hair while acting soothing. That is why white clay is used in our clarifying shampoo to help you detoxify and nourish your hair in a natural way.