We are developers and producers of a unique product line of natural cosmetics based on berries and plants harvested in the pure and unspoiled Arctic nature.

Product Philosophy

When you buy from Ecouna you are guaranteed a high quality product developed by industrial chemists who not only have a great passion for their work but also a great passion for use of natural ingredients. We strive to improve the quality and performance of the products while always making sure to use the most natural ingredients possible.

By using the latest research results we create modern, safe and innovative products. Our products comply with strict Swedish regulations and have state of the art formulations and active ingredients extracted from Arctic berries and herbs.

Rabbits are our friends, that is why we do not test our products on animals.

We do not use:   We use
Silicones   Berry extracts
Animal testing   Vegetable oils and fats
Mineral oils   Recyclable packaging
Parabens   Eco perfume
Animal raw materials   Essential oils
(except for bees-wax)   Nature identical actives
    Food grade preservatives


Our production methods have a minimal impact on the environment and our packaging design has an environmental focus. We are using recyclable packaging materials including different kinds of paper and cardboard, metal, plastic.

Our Values

We at Ecouna strive to create natural products of highest quality that are as good for your wellbeing as to the wellbeing of our nature. As the unspoiled nature of the Arctics is the main inspiration for our products we are working to protect it - not to spoil it.

That is why we always have a holistic view on cosmetics, having in mind all of the aspects of their production and use. We create ethical, safe, state of the art products that are not tested on animals and made with responsible practices that are good to our nature. All of our products are made with pride, love and care in North Sweden.

Our Vision

We aim to keep growing and to widen our products portfolio with more innovative products while maintaining high quality level by producing all products in-house. We strive to be market leader in innovative ecological cosmetics. To reach this goal we will continue working ethically and letting our values lead the development of our company.

Our continuous product development work is complemented by continual follow up of the research of leading universities and research institutes in the field. That makes it possible to offer new and innovative products to our customers and meet the demands and expectations of today's eco-conscious consumers.

Our Inspiration

We are inspired by the clean Arctic nature we live in. During Arctic summer the sun newer goes down and richness of the Arctic nature in bloom inspires us to use new herbal components in our products.

Autumn with its full spectrum of leaf colors and berry picking is a very important part of the year for us. We are spending a lot of time in woods, picking berries and mushrooms and taking pictures which we use as inspiration source during the winter.

Winter with its whiteness, clear blue sky, inspires us to make clean and minimalistic products.

Short and vibrant spring gives us that energy we need to launch new products and start new adventures.

How it all Began

The company was started by a group of nature loving industrial chemists and product developers that where meeting together to walk in the nature and pick herbs, mushrooms and berries. After one of the walks in the woods we sat around a camp fire talking. We shared stories and one of the friends was reflecting on her grand moms natural remedy advice regarding her problematic skin. The other friend told that the eczema on his hands was always much better after he was picking berries in the woods.

We were intrigued and started to investigate the old remedies and create natural products for  own use. Soon we started sharing the products with our happy friends and family. The reaction was overwhelmingly positive. We could hear and see the benefits of natural cosmetics through our own experience and stories of our friends. Then we decided to start a company to share the knowledge with others and that is so the first steps where made towards the creation of Ecouna.