Bilberry shampoo

Arctic Naturals BlåbärschampoGentle shampoo that gives the hair an antioxidant boost while balancing and soothing the scalp with protective berry wax.

This mild, non-irritant shampoo is perfect for everyday use for even the most sensitive scalps. It refreshes the hair with mild cleansing, gives it an antioxidant boost and regenerates and balances the scalp with the extract of bilberry and berry wax. Your hair will feel healthy and look beautiful.

About Billbery

Billbery is not the same as blueberry. It is blue, round berry of the Actics but very different. Billbery is 4 (four) times richer in antioxidants and bioactives than blueberry. By the way, bilberry is a wild berry while blueberry is cultivated. The bilberry extract contains a lot of powerfull antioxidants. It is used because of its powerful regenerating and protecting properties. That is why you can find bilberry in our naturall Bilberry Shampoo.

We pick bilberries in the woodlansds close to Skellefteå, Sweden.